A colorful November

First, let me show off a warm blanket I made for Afghans for Afghans:

I improvised a single-crochet log cabin design, which made it easy to use up small quantities of wool yarn and hide the ends by crocheting over them. My expertise is really in knitting, so I was pleased that the blanket came out with only slight curving on a couple of the edges. Projects for this a4A campaign are due in January 2012, so there’s still time for you to make something! There are other needs besides blankets, and details are on the a4A website.

I picked up a big wool sweater at Savers earlier this fall, and I wasn’t excited about its ivory color after I unraveled it to recycle the yarn. The crockpot I usually use for dyeing was too small to do all the yarn in one batch, so I bought a turkey roaster at Target. Aside: they are on sale now before Thanksgiving. I ended up putting it through two Kool-aid dyebaths to get a color I liked, but now I have enough purple-colored worsted-weight yarn to make myself a vest!

Ivory yarn soaking in water prior to dyeing

Getting set up with the roaster and Kool-aid

First dyebath
First dyebath

Results of first dyebath, which needed more mixing

Yarn after 2nd dyebath of blue and red Kool-aid

Why does my bed smell vaguely of fruit?

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