Sweater in progress and Finished Objects

It’s been ages since I made myself a sweater. In the last 4 months, I’ve prepared to start three different sweaters and actually started a sweater that went awry early on and got ripped back. What’s up with that?

For the first one, I was without the right yarn in my stash and unsure if I’d really wear the sweater. For the second one, I had the right weight yarn but couldn’t make myself use those little needles for a whole sweater. The third try needed more recalculating than I was willing to do to get a fit I’d be happy with. Seems a bit silly with all the great sweater patterns out there. The fourth one: well, I accidently and quite enthusiastically knit past an important increase row and was unable to successfully fudge it. Then I ripped it back, got ready to start again, and was stumped by a different part of the pattern.

I admitted defeat and went back to this shawl which I finished over the weekend. As you can see, it has one very “flippy” edge that I need to fix but otherwise was a delightful project.

I also finished a backstrap weaving project. I made four little pouches as I did not have enough yarn in this colorway or coordinating ones to make a larger bag. I’m going to use them as little gift bags in an Advent calendar project I’m planning to finish up in the fall. I used both machine and hand sewing to finish up the pouches, and that was a valuable lesson in finishing handwoven fabric.

And what about a sweater? Well, I got caught up in the enthusiasm of the Neville Longbottom Jumper Support Group on Ravelry. I have enough stash yarn in the right weight in colors I love, and it’s stranded colorwork, one of my very favorite techniques, so I think this one’s a keeper. Here’s my swatch.




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