To SPAKAL or not to SPAKAL?

At first it wasn’t even a question. The Knitmore Girls announced the spin-and-knit-along (SPAKAL, pronounced like the stuff I use to patch little holes in my plaster walls) on their podcast, and I knew that I wasn’t going to spin and knit a sweater. Of course not! I have already made a commitment to myself to spin my stash this year, preferably before my half-share of fiber from Jacob’s Reward Farm arrives. It’s fun to work along with others toward a shared goal. I did the Tour de Fleece twice (or maybe 3 times) and the 2010 Ravelympics.  Also, I am happily albeit slowly working on a Neville Longbottom-inspired hooded cardigan with a fun Ravelry group, and since that is going to be my new favorite sweater, making another sweater never crossed my mind. After all, sometimes a person is just too busy to do all the cool things that come her way.

But not too much time passed before I found myself thinking that I could do the SPAKAL and the Spin Your Stash goal together IF only I had enough fiber of one color in my stash. Since I didn’t, I told myself that it would be fun to follow the participants’ progress in the Knitmore Ravelry group, and maybe I could SPAKAL some future time.

I didn’t reckon with the nagging feeling I’ve had for a long time now that I really ought to do something with my Ashford Wild Carder. I splurged on it in 2011, thinking I’d make some art batts (haven’t yet but still hope to). Aha! I might have enough fiber for a sweater  if I do some blending and plan to spin a heathered yarn.

So hooray! I’m going to do the 2012 Knitmore Girls SPAKAL. I’ll get to learn how to use my Wild Carder with the help of this video and spin up a bunch of the nice fiber I already own. Some participants are spinning on handspindles and some on their wheels. I plan to spin on whatever is handy so that the spinning happens! Next post: blending!

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