Fiber blending: may the odds be ever in my favor!

I’ve been blending fiber (washed and prepped by others) on my Ashford Wild Carder. Super fun! Here’s my progress so far:

Fiber before blending
Oops, too much help!
I added some heathered Corriedale to the fibers in the first picture and divided it all into two piles before blending.
Wild Carder in action
After the first pass.

For the second pass through the carder, I put together the darkest and lightest segments of the batts and blended those sections. I don’t want to remove all color variations, but I want either the variations to be gradual or the yarn to be fairly uniformly heathered. My initial thought was to aim for a tweed yarn, but I don’t think I want to blend it much further than I already have.

Pictures of the fiber after the second pass and spinning samples in my next post. Stay tuned!


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