Changing things up

SPINNING:  I’ve been working sporadically on my SPAKAL spinning. I have about 1/3 of the fiber blended and most of that spun up. So far I’ve only done a little on the spindle, and the spindle yarn is coming out more consistent but thinner than my wheel yarn. I need to spend more time on the wheel to get better at it. I had a really nice Louet wheel for about 10 years and sold it last winter to get an Ashford Joy, which I also am very happy with.
May 12, Day 1 of my dye garden

GARDENING:  Here’s a picture of my dye garden on the day I planted it. It looks much the same now as the seeds are taking FOREVER to come up. I weeded the garden yesterday and saw many tiny baby flowers, so hooray for that and boo for the zillion baby maple trees I had to pull out.

MAKING STUFF WITH YARN:  Alas, my weaving has really stalled. I did prepare a cotton warp for backstrap weaving, and it’s still hanging on my closet door doing nothing. I need to decide if I’m going to get it on the loom bars or use it for something else. I am the happy owner of a very reasonably priced peg loom made for me by another Raveler, so I hope to have a sample to show of that in my next post.

I’ve been knitting mostly on a basic sock with a 2×2 ribbed cuff and a version of Heather Ordover’s scarf in Knitting Scarves Around The World. The scarf is the first project I’ve ever made in double knitting, and pretty quickly it gave me some practice in ripping out double knitting and fixing it! All is well now. I am not using the full width of her chart as I am using thicker yarn. My other WIP is a crochet shawl knit lengthwise for my congregation’s Shawl Ministry. I seem to have thrown over my Neville cardigan entirely, despite the super nice Ravelry support group. Sorry, Neville, you’d better stick with Luna.

Paivatar scarf with helper
Crochet shawl in progress

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