Midsummer musings

We’re in the midst of a severe drought here in Southern Wisconsin, and it has been a hard year to garden. Nothing but weeds grew in my dye garden, so I gave up and got to work trying to revive that bed. I put down some compost and a small amount of additional potting soil, and then I planted a cover crop of buckwheat.

We did get 3 inches of rain last week after about a month of none, plus I was watering regularly, so the buckwheat has sprouted. I picked buckwheat because it is supposed to be easy to work in with a hoe later when I use it as a “green manure” to fertilize that part of the garden. In the meantime, I hope it will grow vigorously and crowd out the weeds!

SPAKAL yarn in progress

I continue to enjoy making yarn for the Knitmore Girls podcast SPAKAL. I hope to spin enough for a sweater, but I am also very attracted to the idea of making a matching set of hat, mittens, and scarf (or cowl). The yarn on the spindle above rudely refused to slide off onto a straw for storage, so I had to switch spindles.

I had been trying to spin some on my wheel and some on spindles. That effort and the usual busy-ness of summer cause me to realize something that at first was rather shocking: I didn’t want to keep my spinning wheel. I was tired of picking it up to swiffer around it and thinking that I hadn’t been using it much. To be honest, I had not done much wheel spinning during any of the 10 years I owned spinning wheels. I love everything related to spinning, I was happy with each of my wheels, but using handspindles suits me so much better.  My Ashford Joy has a new home with a local beginning spinner happy to have her. I cheated on my stash spinning vow and bought myself a little something to mark the occasion.
Oops, sorry for the blurriness. It’s a cotton spinning kit with a tahkli supported spindle.

After over 11 years as a stay-at-home mom, I am in the middle of a job search, so I have been simplifying my life to make room for the stuff I want most to do. I have been spending more time in the kitchen, have planned next year’s garden in my head (ha ha, gardeners like to say, “there’s always next year”), and put more emphasis on exercise and healthy eating (yup, still hoping not to remake my health & fitness resolutions again in 2013). Refocussing has been great for the fiber arts part of my creative life too. More on that next time. Stay cool.


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