The Yarnstead blog is back!

Spinning some lovely gold fiber from Rainbow Fleece Farm for my SPAKAL project


It’s been a busy fall here at the Yarnstead. Since family and professional obligations come first, I haven’t found time to blog until now, and it’s good to be writing again. I’m also enjoying cooking a lot more since my subscription to the Fresh 20 menu service got me out of my meal planning rut. I’m not making all 5 Fresh 20 meals each week, but most weeks I am trying a few new dishes. The recipes and the shopping list make it really easy!

It was a really rough year here for gardening with the drought, an early spring, and abrupt temperature swings. I was disappointed that my dye garden failed but relieved that I had skipped vegetable gardening in 2012. We had an excellent apple crop from our backyard tree, unlike many in our area, and good berry crops as I managed to start watering them before it was too late. Like all gardeners, my mantra is “there’s always next year,” so I am already full of plans for a small vegetable garden next year. I am inspired in part by my friend Jen, who enjoyed a successful first year with a veggie patch despite our drought. I am also (gulp) planning to not get a CSA share in 2013. My experience with CSA shares over the last 15 years has been great, but we’ve started to go to our local farmer’s market much more. So we’re going to see how our family does with a small vegetable patch and the market.

Although I’ve been more focused in other areas of my life, my craft life has been a journey of wandering this fall. I’ve knit and crocheted a few small projects. I am still spinning for a sweater (remember the SPAKAL?), but it took me a long time to settle on which sweater I was going to do. I think I changed my mind about five times and posted on Instagram each time I changed my mind (whoops).  I ended up switching colorways, too, so it’ll be quite a while until that sweater is done. I am still sticking with spindle spinning. You can check out my SPAKAL progress and my other projects on my Ravelry project page (ravelry link).

Trying my hand at needlepoint

I rescued a needlepoint UFO from a neighbor and am enjoying trying this new craft. It’s a tall needlepoint wall hanging of birds on a feeder. I’m not following the colors exactly since I don’t have the original directions or yarns. With the help of Ravelry*, I do have a picture of the project as it appeared in the original kit. Probably I’ll just stitch them whatever color I feel like, and you can blame the influence of Kaffe Fassett for that devil-may-care attitude!


*This Thanksgiving, one of the many things I am thankful for are the tremendous online resources for the fiber arts! 

One thought on “The Yarnstead blog is back!

  1. Hi Cindy,
    I really enjoyed reading this post and am looking forward to more. Perhaps the approaching cozy days of winter will keep you inspired so that you may continue to create, create, create!

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