A side trip

Yarnbombing in the wild. Er, in Dubuque.
Yarnbombing in the wild. Er, in Dubuque.

We took a short trip to Dubuque over spring break. Relieved to be out of town and outdoors, at least part of the time, it was a great getaway. I discovered on this trip that my new smartphone is also an enabler; it found me a yarn store and showed me a map of its location. Golly, it was only 7 blocks from our hotel. I planned my long morning walk to go past it on my way back. On the way I went by some yarnbombing at an art gallery and reminded myself to get going on decking out the lamppost in front of my house.

Happy, happy.
Happy, happy.

I walked past many interesting homes and shops and soon found myself at Yarn Soup. It’s a lovely shop, in its charm second only to my beloved Sow’s Ear. I had a good chat with Sara, the friendly proprietor, and admired how she had hung her stock of knitting needles from hooks on the rungs of old wooden ladders.  I was so absorbed in soaking up the color in the shop that I forgot to take any pictures inside. Yarn Soup is full of beautiful yarns, and it took a lot of self-control to not do some serious damage to my vacation budget. For my next visit, I’ll plan ahead so I can get a bunch of yarn!

As a souvenir of my trip to Dubuque and Yarn Soup, I bought Astounding Knits: 101 Spectacular Knitted Creations and Daring Feats by Lela Nargi. If you haven’t read this fun book yet, I encourage you to give it a try. While it has a few patterns in the back, it is really a celebration of the smallest, biggest, most amazing, and most unusual projects in the knitting and crocheting world. You’ll find it a fun and easy read.


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