The Universe is trying to tell me something

“Every five years or so, I look back on my life, and I have a good laugh.” 

-The Indigo Girls

Except that I don’t need to wait 5 years to have that laugh. Clearly the Universe is trying to tell me stuff, and I’ve been slow to listen.

Sweaters? Really?  I was 95% finished with the sweater I mentioned in my last post when I realized it didn’t fit me. I had tried it on in progress and it seemed fine. I’ve unraveled back to where it still fit me and put it back on the needles to …what? I don’t know if I’m going to reknit it. I looked back on my previous blog entries and saw that I have started no less than 4 sweaters for myself since starting this blog. Total of finished sweaters: Zip. I found myself thinking “what is my problem?” and “why do I keep quitting?” Then I remembered that over at Mason-Dixon Knitting, they say “knitting is spoze to be fun.”  And I’m not a quitter; I’ve shown plenty of commitment and perseverance in my family, work, and community responsibilities.

I do want new sweaters, but my most fun projects lately have been squares and rectangles (translation: scarves, dishclothes, shawls, blankets, etc.). There’s a lot of creativity still in simply shaped (or entirely unshaped) projects, so I am embracing the Rectangle and Square Chapter of my knitting life.

Patience is harder to cultivate than vegetables. Indeed. The daily challenges of job-hunting and parenting can wear anybody down. I’ve been learning how gratitude, generosity, and mindfulness lay the groundwork for being more patient. My daily ritual of checking to see if the garden seeds have sprouted has reminded me of the rewards of patience (yes, all kinds of baby plants, still too small to show up well in photographs).

Don’t stir the pasta with the fork you grabbed to taste it. It’s too short and you will burn your fingertip.

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