The bitter and the sweet

Pie pumpkin plants
Pie pumpkin plants

Patchy frost last Thursday night, reminding me again that I really ought to wait until Memorial Day weekend to put in my tomatoes. We seem to finally be out of the drought that we had last year, and lots of things are growing beautifully -especially the grass and the dandelions. The peas, kale, beans, and pumpkins are coming along well, and everything else has at least sprouted.  The gooseberry bushes didn’t make it through the winter, and one blueberry bush is looking poorly.  Rhubarb, perennial herbs, and the raspberry patch are reliable friends, returning without fail each year. The apple tree looks fine so far; time will tell if the rabbits did fatal damage when they were hungry in late winter.

Very young Red Russian kale
Very young Red Russian kale

In my ongoing quest to keep life simple, fun, and manageable, I’ve come to a rather startling realization: I have too much garden in my backyard. What? No! Really? Yes, really. A dream of a backyard overflowing with fresh produce is amazing, but mostly the vegetable beds and strawberry patch are overflowing with weeds. Now I am not a person who is bothered by a few weeds (one glance at my lawn will tell you that!), but I have this funny idea that I should be able to find my veg plants in the garden. The area we added maybe 5 years back looks so overgrown because it is now just too much to keep up with. So, after taking a few days to let that all sink in, I am focussing on our original vegetable garden area and giving very minimal care to the rest. Next year, if not sooner, the fence on that second area is coming down and likely the large Japanese-gate-style arch that came with the property, too. I’ll be consulting my landscape books for ideas on shrubs and ground covers, and a pretty and low-maintenance landscape will appear in that part of the yard.


I’ve been dabbling in a little sewing after being inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee (I watched it on YouTube). Report from the Square and Rectangle Knitting Department: I am happily working on two stash-busting projects: an improvised handbag (about 40% done) and the A Light In The Window blanket (about 1% done)! I’ll post in-progress pictures next month.


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