Lightning blogging

Here I go on another round of lightning blogging (while oven-“fried” chicken from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything is cooking… because his doesn’t require advance marinading like the Fresh 20 recipe for this week. Oops, my bad).


Summer is in full swing in southern Wisconsin, and the weather could not be more different than last year. Instead of a drought, we have frequent flash flood warnings and lots and lots of rain. Makes a nice change not to have to water the garden. Our pumpkins, snap peas, kale, and strawberries are the crops that are outstanding at the moment. I think the strawberries knew they were on probation, so they have produced a good quantity of delicious berries that we are trying not to share with slugs. I mistakenly chose a low area of our mostly flat lawn to place the strawberry patch, so in late summer, it will be time to relocate them to a better part of the garden.


Cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes are coming along much more slowly. I think I may need to do more soil improvement in our main garden bed (the one with the elevated pH), and that should improve growing significantly for next year. More on that when I do it. My goal is still to have good growing with less weeding and better management of our garden space. Birds have been loving our various trellises so I am keen to give them more perches when I renovate that garden with the Japanese-style arch that I spoke of in a previous post.


In the fiber arts arena, my 9-year-old is enamored with feltmaking today, and we spent a chunk of the day making various wet-felted shapes, such as beads, a snake, balls, and some flat squares intended for doll bedding. I’m making good progress on my knitted blanket, restarted (again) my current Shawl Ministry project, and am contemplating some handbag designs.


And there’s the timer. 15 minutes up, and I’m off.

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