It’s always something

It’s been one thing after another here at the Yarnstead. Cat maintenance, car maintenance, wasps, swimming, weeding, planting, harvesting, more wasps, wool, housework, library, doctor, the Doctor, dentist, a real mix accompanied by real soul-searching. Your intrepid blogger continues her quest for a balanced and creative life. Most days are of the count-your-blessings variety, but I can see there’s still some simplifying/decluttering to be done.


Former lawn turned into flowers and herbs (dill and sage) that aren't too tasty to rabbits
Former lawn turned into flowers and herbs (dill and sage) that aren’t too tasty to rabbits

Once I was able to say the almost blasphemous truth that I had too much garden, I was able to look around and and wonder what else I can do to simplify our yard work. My first effort (see above photo) at converting a chunk of lawn to Stuff That’s Nice To Look At But Doesn’t Need Mowing is a success, and I’m hoping it’ll come back next spring looking good. I did a second area this spring without planning ahead for it; time will tell if landscape cloth and mulch will keep the weeds and lawn grass away as well as smothering the grass did. I have another area covered with tarps now, smothering grass to plant with bulbs or maybe herbs next year. All of these areas are in little-used parts of the yard; I don’t hate grass but see no point in mowing areas that we aren’t using. It’s easy to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done, but in the end, it’s all about putting our time into what matters most.


Balance will be key in these landscaping projects as I’m not trying to replace mowing time with weeding. I’ve joked about turning the whole backyard into some sort of garden/landscape and keeping the front in nice grass to walk barefoot on, but I’m kidding. I think. Yesterday I was looking that strip of land I prepped for planting earlier in the season and the overgrown corner of the yard it connects to. None of my seeds came up there, and I’m wondering if it needs to be something other than an area that gets messy every year, is grudgingly weeded, and then ignored. Apparently I can be a bit slow on the uptake.


Baby pumpkin plants. Always amazed by these little guys ....
Baby pumpkin plants. Always amazed by these little guys ….
...turning into these big guys (cucumbers in foreground on string trellis).
…turning into these big guys (cucumbers in foreground on string trellis).

Amply supplied with rain this year, our garden is growing well. The Caroline raspberries surprised us with a summer crop before their regular fall crop. Our pie pumpkins look ready to take over the neighborhood although I am concerned about recent yellowing of their oldest leaves. Some of the other veggies (like the cucumbers) are not producing as much as I expected, likely due to being too shaded or needing soil improvement. Our local farmers have been bringing so much goodness to the market that fills in the gaps nicely. We are working on a small cold frame (more on that in a future post). I need to write up our red currant jam-making adventure too, so stay tuned!


A cooler summer means no difficulty in working with wool yarns! I started a new felted (sorry, fulled) wool purse and am continuing on my blanket. I made a couple cotton dishcloths and seriously considered entering the handspun skein competition (Nic‘s fault) at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in September. Home decluttering continues although the organizing part has fallen by the wayside! Plenty of time for that when the garden is put to bed for the winter.

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