The turning of the season

Hooray, it’s fall! I’ve been baking a lot of bread over the summer and fall and am pleased to share that there’s a new edition of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day out. I see a cast-iron pizza pan just like mine on page 22.  If you don’t have a pizza stone and peel, don’t be put off: you can use parchment and one of the other types of pans suggested. You could also just skip the freeform loaves and use a loaf pan. I am smitten with cast-iron cookware. Its care seems a bit strange at first but it’s easy (I’ll let you google it). The only down-side I can think of is that cast iron is heavy! I have several skillets, a loaf pan (excellent for bread), and the pizza pan/griddle which is good for pizza, freeform bread loaves, roasting veggies, and baking oatcakes on the weekend.

Crazy about this pan.
Crazy about this pan.


My daughter and I planted Siberian garlic yesterday. I picked a hardneck variety so that I’d have some scapes to cook with in the spring – check back with me then to see if I’m still that enthusiastic when I have a whole crisper drawer full 😉  I wanted to plant Egyptian onions too (aka nodding or walking onions), but my online source had a crop failure. I tried to find some locally, but it’s now so late that there are no allium bulbs of any kind left. I also buried and mulched a bunch of ground cherries as an experiment to see if they would “self-sow.”

Mulching the garlic.
Mulching the garlic. Asparagus fronds in the foreground, mulched ground cherries at lower right.

The fall colors have been a real treat. We have had several hard freezes in the Great Lakes region and one snow shower here at home (surprise!). Time to think about wooly garments and indoor gardening. I’m trying to take advantage of the great sun my south-facing living room gets in the winter by planting some lettuce, spinach, and arugula in a terra cotta pot. I just planted it today and tied some plastic netting over it to keep curious kitty paws out. I’m sure I’ll be peering into it several times a day waiting to see those little sprouts!

Indoor gardening, Fall 2013 edition.
Indoor gardening, Fall 2013 edition.


Blueberry leaves in fall.
Blueberry leaves in fall.

3 thoughts on “The turning of the season

    1. You’ll be glad to have it. I preheat it like a pizza stone for bread or pizza (homemade or frozen). For other uses, it seems to do fine without preheating.

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