(another lightning blogging round)

It’s snowing. Yup, and I’m jokingly saying it’s because I put our lawn mower away for the season yesterday. The air temperature is barely freezing and the ground is still somewhat warm, so it’s not the sort of snow that will stay. Nonetheless, I am entranced and keep gazing out the window.

November is my favorite month. Lots of northern folk will find that crazy, but it’s been true for me since I was a girl. It’s something about the leaves, the change in weather, the quality of sunlight this time of year.  As a knitter, I can love November for another reason: it’s time to wear warm knitted things on a regular basis again. I am zooming along on my Sleeves shrug by Martina Behm, and I am doing it with the Knitmore Girls Podcast Behm-along, a community knitting activity where participants work at their own pace on the Martina Behm pattern of their choice. I realized this morning that I can probably finish it before Thanksgiving, so now I don’t want to do anything but knit on it.

I have 3 skeins of yarn drying downstairs that I spun on my 1.7 oz. Kundert top-whorl spindle (purchased at the excellent Sow’s Ear some time back). The yarn is the color of birch leaves in the fall, and I am keen to knit it up (hat? mittens? scarf?). Originally I was going to spin up some contrasting colors to go with it and end up with enough for a sweater, but it turns out I didn’t have enough wool. I am planning to make some multi-colored rolags out of my fiber stash and spin some up on my supported spindles; more on that soon, I hope. I spent several hours helping the lovely Jaala of Knitcircus Yarns get ready for a big show and came home all jazzed up about color again. Check out her Etsy shop (sorry no links when I lightning blog; get thee to Google).

The garden is mostly put to bed for the winter. I have some baby salad greens growing in a pot in a south-facing window and some kale outside. I didn’t quite get the cold frame ready for fall growing but hope to start early in the spring with it. Much to the astonishment of the neighbors, I have taken down that high-maintenance apple tree with plans for a raised bed, most likely for more blueberries, where it once stood. Our cherry and plum trees make me happy every time I see them, and I have given them a little chicken wire fence to protect them from Bunnwa and the other wild rabbits this winter. I am grateful for so much this fall, and like gardeners the world around, full of plans for next year.

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