New studio, new goals, New Year!

Our basement studio space

Happy New Year! My crafty (in more ways than one) daughter talked me into rearranging our basement. Once I bought into that idea, I kept imagining myself processing fiber with better light and more elbow room, and then I was keen to finish before January 1. We did it. My space is the part with the Nordic-trak in it (a very lucky freebie left on the curb by moving neighbors), and hers is to the right in the picture. That’s my sewing machine hiding under the big white sheet along the back wall. My drum carder is under an upside-down plastic bin (to protect cat paws from its pokey teeth) on the center table. Rearranging the wall art is the only thing we still have to do.

This is the time of year when all the garden catalogs start coming, despite the months of winter ahead for those of us in the North. It gets a gardener thinking. My resolutions for this year are pretty low-key. I want to grow some tomatoes and greens and use my cold frame. I want to learn to spin art yarn. And once I finish my A Light In the Window blanket, I want to stick with small knitting projects for a good long time!

4 thoughts on “New studio, new goals, New Year!

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