Armchair cooking

Yes, while it’s been extra cold (not just here as Ann’s latest post confirms), I’ve been able to a bit of armchair traveling. Best of all, this armchair traveling comes with recipes. Over the years, I have accumulated most of Alford & Duguid’s cookbooks. They wrote books on flatbreads and rice and then wrote a series of travel-related books about regional foods in Asia and a book on home baking. My most recent purchase: the Kindle e-book edition of Mangoes & Curry Leaves for $2.51 !! Hot Sour Salty Sweet covers the regional foods of southeast Asia along the Mekong River.  As the sort of person who sometimes grabs a cookbook for a little bedtime reading, their combination of cooking information and travel essays is great. I look forward to reading Duguid’s first solo work, Burma: Rivers of Flavor.

My accidental collection

One thought on “Armchair cooking

  1. I love to curl up with a cookbook to read, also. I’m not familiar with Alford & Duguid, but I love the picture of the teapot on Hot Sour Salty Sweet, so I requested it from the library. I’m a sucker for a pretty cover.

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