A slow start to spring

April 10 - sprouting greens and weeds
April 10 – sprouting greens and weeds

Happy to say that I had tiny arugula sprouts in the cold frame by March 30! On warm days I’ve been either propping the cover open or uncovering the cold frame completely. The weather (until last night) has been mild enough that I took off the layers of row cover inside. Now lots of other baby plants, as well as some weeds, are up. I need to wait until everything is a bit bigger before weeding so I can tell what’s what. Some of the marking sticks got caught on the row cover and came out when I picked it up.

No cold frame picture from today, and this is why.
No cold frame picture from today, and this is why.

But today and probably tomorrow, the cold frame will stay tightly shut as a cold weather system moves through the region. Those purple buckets on the deck are “self-watering” containers that will be our experimental spot for growing strawberries. The rhubarb, perennial herbs, and bulbs have also sprouted but are biding their time until warmer weather returns. No luck with my indoor container garden, and so far no sprouts in the winter sowing containers. The winter sowing projects at our school are starting to sprout, so I hope mine will be soon.


Looking back to my New Year’s post, I’m glad I kept my creative goals low-key. With the change of season and my return to work, we have a whole new rhythm at home to adjust to. It’s one of those phases in life that makes me check in to see that my priorities are where I am actually spending my time and also to really feel gratitude for where I am.


It’s been fun to work on some new knitting projects. The two secret ones are done, well ahead of schedule (hey, I was excited about them). One of them was supposed to be Spillyjane’s excellent Police Box Mitts, but somehow I forgot that really skinny double-pointed needles and I don’t play well together. Another excellent, easier-on-the-hands project was substituted, and all is again right in the universe 😉  My wool Easy Folded Poncho (pattern by Churchmouse Yarns) has been set aside for cool days at home as it’s starting to feel like a lap blanket as I work on it. My new small project is Leftie by Martina Behm, a triangular scarf that I am making from the deep blue I got for the Police Box Mitts (a kind destash from the excellent Jaala of Knitcircus, cuz who needs commercial yarns when you are dyeing your own :), some green yarns my kids got my as a birthday present, and some variegated sock yarn from Louise’s destash. I will consider every small project from here out based on whether it will be easy to manage on the bus, where I get most of my best knitting time during the week.

Next time: more pictures, no snow, and Niki Jabbour’s latest gardening book!

One thought on “A slow start to spring

  1. Aunt Jeanie

    Uncle Leo and I are going to try a garden up north this year. The garden is a foot under snow yet. Made a raised garden and filled it with dirt, because all we have is sand up there. 10 by 10. also have to see what grows in zone 3.

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