stash2go Ravelry app: a review and a GIVEAWAY!

Some of my projects in stash2go
Some of my projects in stash2go

Full disclosure: Marco did give me a full version of this app at no cost for review. He did not tell me what to say in my review. The opinions below are my own, and any errors are also my own.  My time to blog is limited and dear to me, so I only publish reviews of things I would be happy to recommend anyway.

Equipment note: I tested this app on my iPhone 4S. All photos are iPhone screenshots. If you have an iPad, you can take advantage of some features that make the most of the iPad’ s larger screen. Kinda makes me want to get an iPad for my next tablet (grin).

While we wait for the Yarnstead garden and my various craft projects to grow a little more, I’m happy to bring you a review of an iOS app for called stash2go. If you want to use Ravelry from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, stash2go is a great choice. I’ve tried the Ravelry mobile site (a nifty work in progress), other apps on various devices, and the browsers on my phone and Kindle, but stash2go is my new favorite.

Stash2go is easy to read on a small screen and has a lot of great features. You log into Ravelry (and flickr if you want to upload photos to forums) on the login page. From there you go to the main stash2go page, where you’ll see a bunch of icons for your Rav stuff: projects, queue, friends, stash, needles, library, and more. Always along the bottom is a row of icons: stash2go (to get you back to the main page), yarns, patterns, shops, and login/logout. Stash2go remembers that you are logged in so you won’t need that icon too often.

The interface is different from the Ravelry website and takes a little time to get used to; however, it is very suitable for the size of a phone screen. You see all the basic functions at a glance and can dig deeper in the menus for more features if that’s what you need. No app can do everything the full Ravelry website can do, but stash2go can do a lot.

An example list of yarn shops!
An example list of yarn shops!
Queued projects
Projects in my queue
Ah, favorites.
Ah, favorites.
Searching favorites for a few timey wimey projects
Searching favorites for a few timey wimey projects
A peek into my library
A peek into my library
Example yarn listing
Example yarn listing
Partial project detail. I can scroll around to see more.

I started a new project from my iPhone for research (we like to say research around the Yarnstead because it makes us sound so sciencey!).  And maybe because it was a good excuse to start another project I got excited and wanted to see how much stash2go could do. So, using the app, I started my Kindle sleeve project, photographed it, cropped the photo using the photo editor within stash2go, and uploaded it. Before I decided to make a simple single crochet pouch, I used stash2go to search patterns.

I don’t use Ravelry much without wifi but thought it would be useful for my readers to know what stash2go can do offline. So I asked Marco and learned that you can do all the following offline:

-browse your own projects (entire project list + detail info for either only WIP or all projects including completed ones; can be changed in settings)

-within a project, any change of progress counters

-within a project, usage of row counters

-within a project, usage of the pdf viewer with arrows and moveable highlighter bar -browse your queued projects (entire listing + detail info for the first XYZ items; number of items to be downloaded can be configured in settings)

-browse your stashed yarn (entire listing + detail info for the first XYZ items; number of items to be downloaded can be configured in settings)

-browse your own library (single pattern detail info will only be downloaded, if you activate this in settings; default is switched off)

One feature I am looking forward to exploring more is the built-in PDF viewer. I usually view my pattern PDFs with my Kindle app, but soon I plan to try it in stash2go. If this feature is important to you, look at this Q & A under “how can I download patterns to my project?” for more information.

You won’t find yourself feeling stuck when you have a question about this app. There is an active group for the app on Ravelry, of course, and also the stash2go website and a support wiki. The release history there shows that stash2go is frequently updated, and some of these changes are based on user requests. Stash2go has a free version called stash2go lite, so you can try before you buy, and a paid version ($3.99).

I have three copies of the paid version to give away right here on my blog! So if you’d like to try to win a copy of stash2go, here are the details:

Leave a comment on this blog post by the wee beginning of May 27, 2014,12:00 a.m. U.S. Central Daylight Time. Your comment must include your Ravelry user name and the two things you most want to do on Ravelry with your iDevice. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator and notified by Ravelry message. Good luck!

36 thoughts on “stash2go Ravelry app: a review and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Alene Mc

    Looks interesting. I’ll have to take a look at the free version to see if I’ll use it a lot. Let’s see, if I remember correctly my Rav user name is alenemj. That sound right C?

  2. Debbie S

    I’m KYFarmgirl on Rav. I’d love to have my stash at my fingertips on my iPad and be able to check my Rav library for patterns while I’m out shopping.

  3. Loretta

    Sounds like a useful app. 2 things I most want to do is access my patterns & stash from my I device. Thanks Auntyaya on ravelry

  4. Laura

    I’d use it to check yardage on patterns while out shopping and know what is in my stash. Another feature I’d find useful is a needle inventory. My Rav name is iknitmom.

  5. Tamsin

    Hi. I’m tamsinb on ravelry. I haven’t tried any knitting apps yet but am interested now! I was thinking in my LYS the other day that I needed to be able to look up other people’s finished objects using a particular yarn (some look so beautiful in the hank but a lot less so knitted up!), as well as check out what patterns might suit a particular yarn that I spotted on a market stall, for example. And whether I already have some yarn of that weight in what colour (so I don’t over stash, if there is such a thing!), and I’m sure I can think of a few more uses….

  6. Stash to Go looks very appealing. I would like to be able to use it to search for project ideas as well as post on forums. I’m sure I would use it for other situations as well. Nice review!

  7. janpatricequarles

    I always need a good app to search patterns, and I would use it to look at existing patterns in my library, too. Plus checking the stash is a good thing 🙂 as I have bought a duplicate or two in the day… worldygirl on Rav!

  8. Nita

    I love Ravelry and always use my ipad. I need this app to look up info on my 4000 library patterns and the large stash I have. I need to work down my stash. LOL
    Rav name nitarf

  9. I love searching for patterns and coming up with new ideas. The Ravelry app would help me do this and also post more of my projects that I have started and/or completed. My name is S3lisara on Ravelry 🙂

  10. MissBunt(Rav)

    I could see using this for those unplanned trips to the yarn store… You know when you just ” end up there” while out with DH:-)

  11. Dominey

    I would love to be able to access rav in places where wifi is limited/absent, this app looks like it could fulfil my needs 🙂 Dominey on rav

    1. Dominey

      Opps what two things would I use it for? Browsing patterns and stash whilst shopping or with friends whilst planing our future projects.

  12. Debbie C

    I just got an i-pad and am still learning to use it to it’s full potential. I have used the free version of the app and enjoy it. I would use it for browsing and to access my patterns. my ravelry name ddcknitt.

  13. Liisa

    I would like to be able to add pictures to my projects directly from my iPhone or iPad quickly and easily as well as access patterns while on the go, check stash, check needle inventory…oops I guess that was more than two, so I guess I would say checking patterns and stash whilst out and about would be the top 2.

    finnknitter on Ravelry

  14. Kwizgiver

    This app would help me find yarn stores when I’m traveling. I’d also love to use it while I’m at my knitting group, to check my stash or find out if I *need* to buy yarn. 😉

    My Ravelry name is Kwizgiver.

  15. Elizabeth

    This app would allow me to search for patterns while offline as well as check my stash when yarn shopping.

    My Ravelry name is LissieM

    1. Hi LissieM,
      You’d need to be online with any app or the full Rav website to search for patterns that are not in your library, FYI, because the Ravelry pattern database is HUGE. However, stash2go does let you browse in your own library (check out the support resources above for more info; for mine, I have downloaded my single pattern info to browse offline). Thanks for visiting my blog!

      1. Tamsin

        Ah. Well further to my other comment above, I guess I’d be shopping a lot more often in the one LYS that is inside our central city free Wifi zone!

  16. MikiSunshine

    I’d like to have access to my stash when yarn buying so I don’t buy more of what I already need and/or can pick up the same colorways. I’d also like to have access to my projects, and to upload photos from my iPad and… Okay, more than two things I’d like to do. 🙂 I’m MikiSunshine on Ravelry.

  17. Sandi Booth

    I’d like access to stash as my stash continues to grow and not diminish. Also the offline feature is great for traveling. What a great app!

  18. Emma

    The two things I would most like to do on Ravelry from my iPhone/iPad are: (1) add stash, and (2) look up yarns when I am in a yarn store.

    natasha on Ravelry

  19. 1) Check my stash
    2) Have access to my queue (so when I see that lovely skein of yarn at discount, I have a project in mind & know that I’m purchasing enough yarn!)


  20. Jody

    From my iPhone I’d like to be able to check yarn/pattern yardage when I’m out and about and teach it to knit some of my projects for me :-). I am farflegirl on Ravelry

  21. Lorelei (@LoreleiHI)

    I have an iPad mini (new to me!) and an iPhone. I love them both, and they’re my go-to for yarnwork. I’m looking for a good app that will let me work on a project outside of my wifi, both to see what I need for a new project at the LYS (and to keep me from getting things that I don’t need! limited budget), and also because I KCIP all the time, and don’t want to have to stick with mindless patterns while I’m out. I’m loreleihi on Rav. 🙂

  22. Marianna

    This would finally make me upload my stash to Ravelry so I can match a new pattern to what I have or prevent me from buying a duplicate yarn. I would like to be able to easily check my library while at my LYS. Duplicate yarns is one thing–but duplicate patterns I don’t like. I would also like to look up yarn reviews while I am out and about.
    yarnbasket on Rav

  23. IsobelM

    Being able to access my projects when out and about without wi-fi would be great. Also to look up yardage for patterns when shopping would be very handy.

  24. Bri Santiago

    I started to say it was gonna make stash uploading a breeze but I just learned most yarn companies don’t use universal upcs 😦 Oh well, I still think this app will make project and queue access a snap while I’m out. Being able to see the projects in my to do list means I’ll never buy too little of the same dye lot again 🙂 I like having access to my library too (patterns & books). Oh, and my Rav name is lilbit747

    1. Hi-
      I’ve only ever used the paid version so I’m sorry that I don’t know the answer. I recommend you ask on the Ravelry stash2go forum (go to groups, search stash2go, you don’t need to join the group to read and ask questions). The app developer is on there too, and he’s very good about updating the app. Good luck!
      p.s. I still use and love stash2go after two years!

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