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Blueberry bushes in late September
Blueberry bushes in late September

Autumn! Sweaters, leaves, pumpkin smells in the house, I love everything about this season. Even the shorter days make for better stargazing and, earlier this week, great viewing of a morning lunar eclipse. Being inspired by the seasons is a huge part of “growing a creative life,” as I have subtitled my blog.


Over the summer, though, I was unhappy about the fragmented way I was spending my time. Usually that means I have too much stuff in my life, both stuff to do and physical stuff to clear out. Tidying the house and clearing out unused objects is easier than trying to do less. I found myself wondering what would I be doing if I had to pick only the top ten things I needed and wanted to do. I included all my “grown-up responsibilities” in the top ten because that’s what real life is like. After those, when it was time for something I could choose to do, I asked myself “would this be in one of the precious remaining spots of the top ten?” Turns out that sort of introspection can be wonderfully clarifying and makes more creative space.


I’m still doing many (but not all) of the same things I’ve been writing about in this blog. I’ve gotten rid of a few hibernating Unfinished Objects by either donating them or raveling the yarn (hey, more yarn!), and I’m doing a lot more occasional lurking and a lot less participating on social networking. I need to keep trying to use the freezer as my best cooking friend and have freezer meals regularly. My idea of “editing” as my 2015 garden focus fits in nicely, too. There will be spinning and knitting and a bit of needlepoint, all in fits and starts. There will be bread baking and gardening and blogging once or twice a month.


Garden update: those surprise summer squash turned out to be gourds that looked nothing like the ones on the outside of the seed pack (hence my confusion in thinking they were volunteer squash). The day lilies got moved to a more visible location. We got 9 small pumpkins, but none of the volunteer tomatoes got ripe in time before the frosts came (oops, forgot to mention that all-important gardening event of not quite a week ago). I am still babying along two tomato plants by covering them when frost is likely; they are so close to having ripe tomatoes! One I am trying to save seeds from and I brought in some green tomatoes just in case. My walking onions have been shipped and will be planted this month.


And I seem to have started a sweater. I blame it on the sweater weather.

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