Mini-post: when gardening breaks your heart a little

Suggestions I’ve gotten for dealing with creeping bellflower: pesticide, digging and cursing, flamethrower followed by nuclear blast, vinegar. I don’t want to use pesticides because the invader is in part of my food garden and because I am committed to being a mostly organic gardener for several reasons that are very important to me. I’ve mostly used digging and cursing so far. My aunt recently suggested vinegar which reminded me that last year I had tried a DIY vinegar-salt-soap spray with poor results. However, I didn’t try a combination of digging and vinegar, so that’s what’s next.

Our excellent UW Extension has a publication on creeping bellflower, A3924-05, if you also have this unwelcome plant. Interestingly, their information shows non-chemical removal is more effective than pesticides. Doesn’t look like they studied the effectiveness of cursing, though. I need to slow these plants down before they go to seed as each seed capsule has 50-150 seeds.

The heart-breaking part?  To really get at the creeping bellflower, I need to take apart the raised beds I made last year out of assorted bricks and concrete blocks. They were never going to win a garden beauty award, but to me they were lovely. Made out of materials on hand, sized and placed to my own design, and frugal too.

Last night, I made a new raised bed away from my current garden, scraping the dirt and (I hope) any plant root pieces off before moving each concrete block. After putting in fresh soil, I will transplant my walking onions there, carefully separating them from the bellflower roots. If that goes well, I may relocate other food and flower plants before I bring on the vinegar. Pictures next time. :/

3 thoughts on “Mini-post: when gardening breaks your heart a little

  1. Let me know of the cursing works! LOL. I tend to just pull and threaten to use chemicals. I’ve been threatening a lot lately because we are going away in another week and the weeds are going to have way to much freedom for a month. But I told them . . .

  2. Do you have the industrial strength vinegar? The grocery store concentration definitely won’t cut it. On the plus side, the weeds (plantains) in my garden came in handy tonight to treat a nasty sunburn. If only the creeping bellflower had a medicinal use…

    1. Yay for plantain; I have that too. I don’t mind most weeds! You were the 2nd person Saturday to suggest the really strong vinegar. I haven’t tried that yet, but my test patch with grocery store vinegar applied with a watering can looks promising. but i’ll know very soon if it comes back. Stay tuned.

      I’d much rather be sketching garden designs !!

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