Garden revision

Progress report #1: all the bricks and concert blocks removed, scraped mostly clean of dirt (and creeping bellflower roots, here’s hoping), and stacked in rocky back corner of yard. Squash and pumpkins growing well in raised bed, along with volunteer lettuce. Straw bale gardens looking healthy so far.

Lots and lots of creeping bellflower dug up; so far good results from putting vinegar on returning sprouts. I’m using grocery store white vinegar in extremely generous quantities applied with a watering can…usually more than once.  I’m going to put grass seed in the area from the raised bed to just beyond the bedstead trellis. At least then I can mow over the bellflower without needing to rescue edibles.

Right now you can see some greenery by the bedstead. That is a cover crop of buckwheat to discourage the bellflower from going further. I just planted the area on the back, between the summer raspberries and the asparagus, with buckwheat also to keep weeds down. That’s the area of the main garden I plan to keep for the future. Exciting plans in the works for the rest of the yard, including a dye garden and more vegetable beds.

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