What I did on my summer vacation

I have a 50th birthday coming right up, and it feels like 50 years since I last posted! My last post was mid-June, and here we are in early August already, that idyllic slow pace of summer more of a daydream than reality. Rather than tire my readers out with the long post it would take to catch up, I’ll do a series of short posts.

My family took a long-awaited trip to Alaska. We flew to Anchorage and did our own land tour, seeing Anchorage, Denali National Park, the Palmer area (including the Musk Ox Farm and Matanuska Glacier), Seward, Exit Glacier, and Resurrection Bay. It was amazing! After 10 days there, we spent the weekend near Seattle with relatives. The Tour de Fleece started that weekend; I didn’t spin very much this Tour but managed to get a little in on each Tour day. More on that when I do a fiber arts catch-up post soon. For now, some summer vacation pics!

Musk ox family at the Alaska Zoo. My first look at the animals that produce qiviut fiber, and now I am crazy about them!
The Alaska Zoo also had some Tibetan yaks, another exotic fiber animal.
Posing with my kids at Earthquake Park (thankfully no action while we were there)
Another cute young musk ox. We enjoyed a tour at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska, where there is a thriving herd and friendly staff. Also shopping!
My souvenirs from the trip. Arctic Lace book and qiviut fiber for spinning from the Musk Ox farm. Roadside Geology from the bookstore at Denali. Not pictured is a small bag of Alaska wildflower seeds bought at the Alaska Zoo.

I came home tired, happy, and recharged. I think a longer break like that really helped me think about how I can refocus myself to spend time on the things that matter most to me. The trick has been trying to keep that focus when back into my normal routine.

4 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation

  1. That focus that comes into view when away from the normal round is slippery and elusive. The glow of out of town vision wears off too fast, but I’m there with you striving. In a non-striving Buddhist sort of way, that is.

    And let’s celebrate that birthday!

  2. I second that! Whenever we come back from our annual trip to Bayfield I wonder “how can I bring Bayfield home?”. This trip looks amazing, and I look forward to catching about it in more detail. Our oldest is eager to visit Alaska one day; CJ was there in 2005. And enjoy that birthday!

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