What frozen things do in summer: eat all the summer things

Ah, summer. The garden. The farmer’s market. August is a great time for eating fresh veggies because there is such variety now. There are beets (with greens), cucumbers, peppers, kale, and zucchini in my fridge waiting to be eaten! The tomatoes in the garden are just starting to be ready, cherry tomatoes being the early birds as always, but there are plenty to be had at the farmer’s market.

One of our favorite ways to cook in summer is not to cook but to assemble a meal. So many summer veggies don’t need cooking, so a tomato sandwich is an easy meal and so tasty. You can’t go wrong with any kind of salad either. So put your favorite veggies or summer fruits on a plate with your favorite protein, and enjoy a cool and easy meal without heating up the kitchen. Although it does kind of kill me a little when the kids praise an assembled meal (“Wow, Mom, these berries and cheese and crackers are just the best!”) more than one I’ve spent a good deal of time actually cooking.

I’ve started some greens, broccoli, and scallions in containers for a fall harvest. I think I might not wait until fall to enjoy those baby greens and some broccoli sprouts. The cherries were ripe while we were in Alaska. Family friends picked them all for me in exchange for half the crop. We got back in time to get some of the summer raspberries and most of the red currants and blueberries. Note to self: try not to be gone during fruit harvest next year!

My progress with the creeping bellflower in spring was enough to keep it under control while we were away. It’s returning now, so whenever it sends up a flower stalk I break it off and toss it in the trash. I need to do more digging and put down some grass seed so we can just start mowing that area. I’ll probably always have to keep after the bellflower that’s mixed in with my raspberries and asparagus. Much of the rest of the garden will be going into containers and raised beds elsewhere in the yard in the future. So that’s my main garden plan: eat well and be smarter than the weeds.

One thought on “What frozen things do in summer: eat all the summer things

  1. Good plan and I love the idea of berries, cheese and crackers for dinner. Waiting patiently for my own tomatoes to ripen on the vine for those delicious late summer sandwiches. Plenty of summer eating still to do!

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