Spinning! What is up with that?

Sweater weather is coming; late summer and early fall have already given us samples of it, interrupted by the back-to-school heat wave. I’ve been busy with everything in my life. When I’m outside, I’ve been both working in the garden and staring at the whole yard, still imagining options of what I’d like it to become.

Salsa - fun to try canning again after several years.
Salsa – fun to try canning again after several years. Note to self: just a bit more zippiness for the next batch.
My new self-watering containers, where I am trying for a fall crop.
My new self-watering containers, where I am trying for a fall crop. Strawberries growing well in the raised bed in the background.

I did a great online challenge week on preserving food from the garden or farmer’s market; it was put on by Megan Cain, who writes the The Creative Vegetable Gardener blog. I feel like my inner foodie has been snoozing for a while, so it’s been great to dig in and try some new recipes and food preservation projects. During a hot dry spell earlier this summer, I took a break from baking bread but soon missed that very much. Plenty of recipes in my Bread in 5 books to still explore.

All the while, woolly thoughts have not been far away. I drove to work during the summer months, which meant no bus knitting. Still, I knit patiently on my Sea Foam sweater (pattern by Yumiko Alexander). I tried out the technique of double-knitting on a scarf with a self-striping sport weight sock yarn. I did a little on my Pebbles rug and ignored my Favorite Things scarf, both of which are for “alongs” set up by Martine way over on the lovely isle of Guernsey. Looking forward to finishing those and posting Finished Object pictures.

But what about the spinning? I barely completed my Tour de Fleece goals, despite getting extremely adorable and irresistible spindles and shiny new fiber that went all the way to Alaska and back. Alaska, where I even bought more fiber. I plan to get dye plants in my garden so I can dye yarn I spin in the future. I look at my Kaffe Fassett pattern books and their riots of color and contemplate making some of those sweaters in handspun. Earlier this year, I mentioned on my blog that I preferred spinning in natural light…as though that would explain why I hadn’t been spinning over the winter when my limited daylight hours were usually full.

How my lonely spinning wheel spends most of its time
How my spinning wheel spent its summer vacation.
Yet, just like much of the winter, my wheel mostly waited this spring and summer, under a dust cover, with fiber nearby in a container closed to keep dust and felines out. Spindles were on hand as well. I don’t think it’s a light issue or a busy gardening issue or even a time issue. Nope, it’s another creative space issue. And thank you, Alaska, for giving me the clarity to figure that out.

Spinning centers me, it’s fun, and you get yarn out of it. Like when I knit on the bus, my mind can be still or wander freely. There have been times when I avoided spinning because I was afraid my mind would wander to sad places, and maybe I missed out on some deeper understanding then. When I don’t take time to spin or walk or make bread or dig in the dirt, I feel more and more fragmented and rushed, no matter what else is happening. So with new fall schedules for our family and my job, I am determined to spin and bake regularly. So far, there’s been flatbread and cookies and some maroon yarn. Wish me luck, or maybe wish me the wisdom to keep doing what I know I need to do.

Icelandic wool on my vintage Louet S-10.
Icelandic wool on my vintage Louet S-10.

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