A bunny, a chicken, and #whenknittingattacks

I took my copy of Itty-Bitty Toys to class, and the author signed it for me! Complete with cartoon bunny toy 😀

On October 10, I took a class at the Knitcircus Studio during their fall retreat. Our teacher was the lovely Susan B. Anderson, and we learned to make a sock yarn bunny! I went shopping ahead of time and got some DK weight Knitcircus yarn, which is thicker than sock yarn and would make a larger bunny anyway, so I followed the mini-bunny pattern. It was really fun, and I learned a ton. Here’s my bunny so far:

Isn’t that fun gradient yarn? I’ve finished the bunny’s head and part of one ear so far.

I’ve knit loosely for years, so on most projects, I start my swatching one or two needles sizes lower than recommended. The recommended needle sizes for this DK yarn are 3-5. I started my bunny on a size 2 circular using the Magic Loop method. One of my classmates remarked on it, and I told her how small dpns make my hands unhappy (should have known that would turn out to be a knitter’s jinx). Knitted toys need a very firm fabric, and I was doubtful if I was making one after I’d finished the back of the bunny’s head. Oh, yeah, did I mention that I didn’t swatch? Thankfully Susan was right there to consult, and she encouraged me to drop down to a size 1…which I only have in dpns right now. But I did switch and now the fabric is just right. I’ll either have to be very careful of my hands or see if I have some circular size 1’s in my needle stash.

I really enjoy knitting toys and some quirky amigurumi-type projects. I’ve knit a few for my kids, but some are for no reason other than I feel like knitting them. That’s how my chicken Hettie came to be. She’s knit of handspun yarn that I was initially disappointed in; I thought the colors would look different spun up, but wow, do they make a great chicken!

Doesn't she look like she needs a nest?
Doesn’t she look like she needs a nest?

If you are on Ravelry, you can see some of my other toy projects: starfish, Loch Ness monster, snail, golden snitch, pig, and a few others. Search on the tag “toy” from my project page. Toys have a lot of interesting techniques in them. I’m looking forward to working more on my bunny and a few other fun animals, too!

I also bought some yarn for a scarf or small shawl when I got my bunny yarn. I tried a shawlette in a circular shape but ended up frogging it since the shape didn’t look good on me no matter how I styled it. I reskeined and washed it to get the squiggles out and will reknit that yarn into a lacy scarf. The colorway is Robin’s Nest, which is truly lovely.

Pretty colors! Fun, quick knit! Not flattering on me, but if you like circular, you should try this pattern.
Pretty colors! Fun, quick knit! Not flattering on me, but if you like circular, you should try this pattern.

I had a small knitting attack (shoutout to the Knitmore Girls for the hashtag) while making the shawlette although it seemed huge at the time. I counted my stitches about 6 rows from the end and thought I was 28 off! That’s more than even so I can fudge, but since it was nearly bedtime, I put it aside until morning. Yes, knitters, don’t make any major project decisions after 8pm! You might regret it in the morning. Turns out I was looking at the stitch count for a different row, whew, so I recounted and thought I was about 18 off. After knitting to the correct row, turns out I was only 12 off which I easily was able to add during the next 6 rows of garter stitch. Fudging saves the day! Almost. The yarn will make a fabulous scarf a few projects from now.

One thought on “A bunny, a chicken, and #whenknittingattacks

  1. Cute chicken! And yes, no major decisions late at night. I was panicking when my stitch count was way off at midnight earlier this week, so I recounted and got a different number. Recounted again, a third number. Recounted again, a fourth number. Hmm. Time for bed! In the morning, I was right on. The knitting elves fix lots of mistakes while we sleep.

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