Herbs, weaving, and foodie daydreams: November in pictures

Drying herbs the easy way, and marinating some feta with herbs (recipe in The CSA Cookbook).
Second try with the Robin’s Nest yarn from my last post! I ended up using this as a swatch, ripping it out, and restarting slightly wider and with selvage stitches to even out the edges of the pattern.
There’s been a lot of reading and creative daydreaming, good for the soul. My cooking mojo went AWOL for a while, but Thanksgiving and a lot of homegrown pumpkins have me daydreaming about pies and soup!
Got a great deal on a tapestry loom and stand on eBay.
Awesome seller made assembling easy!
Hooray for good labeling.
Ta da! The assembled loom & trestle stand. Kinda back to the future (more on weaving soon).
Getting ready for winter! Snow coming tonight.
In case anyone arriving at my house didn’t already know I’m a knitter…

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