Garden to Table February 2016: first in a new series!

Backyard plan, 2015 draft.

2015 was a year of staring out into the backyard and thinking. A lot. I figured out which areas of the yard got the most sun, and some results surprised me. It shouldn’t have. Yes, the trees in and around my yard have grown since I moved here in 1999. Duh.

I enlisted an assistant to measure the main features of the backyard and turned those measurements into a map. Recently I pulled out last year’s sketch of ideas and tweaked it a little. There’s a bit more room in the yard since I made that map. Last year, I gave my shed away on a local gardening email list; the recipient disassembled it and hauled it away! This year I plan to have the Japanese-inspired garden arch removed. It came with the house and is probably 20+ years old, so it’s looking a bit worse for the weather.

Although, let’s face it: who looks their best in February?

Trellises for the clematis are on the way, and the rest of the area will likely be sunflowers and perennials. Maybe, just maybe, there will be another try at a dye garden eventually. The edible garden will again be mostly in raised beds and containers away from the creeping invader-that-shall-not-be-named.

Garlic & walking onions snoozing in the foreground. Raised beds in background; a different one (and I hope the final one) now designated to be the cold frame. Still too frozen to dig.

Since I couldn’t do any digging to give my cold frame a southward tilt, I got started on building the newest raised bed (between the garlic and the cold frame) and ordered seeds!


February fun: ordering seeds.

It’s hard not to over-order. I’m not starting my own seeds indoors so I limited myself to things I can direct sow. With the long warm spell we’ve been having, I am really enthused to get some seeds in the ground as soon as I can get the cold frame tilted and some soil in it!

Stay tuned for monthly installments in the Garden to Table series, with the usual Yarnstead smorgasbord in between.

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