Garden to Table April 2016: Whirlwind

April is zooming by. So here’s the quick update on Garden to Table and other Yarnstead action:

Hooray for the farmers’ markets in town starting up! We’ll eat from the gardens of other people until there’s a bit more to eat from our own. Salad greens, cucumber, meat, cheese, and eggs came home with us from the first market.

Today I picked 5 spears of asparagus; before that it was just some herbs and a few greens from the garden.

Herb garden on April 7; that’s sorrel with the bright green leaves.
Same garden, tonight, April 24. Sorrel, savory, sage, oregano, tarragon, a few weeds.

Gearing up for a big remodel of the backyard: the neighbors came over with a Sawzall to make short work of my shabby large garden arch. Perennials to follow.

The cold frame stays open all the time now unless there’s a frost advisory. Kale and scallions from last year came back on their own. Strawberries slowly perking up. The “old” garden in the background? Yes, creeping bellflower and other weeds, less invasive, have also reappeared from last year. Stay tuned for yet another round in that fight.

Shameless plug: did I mention I am Whisk member of the month?

Haven’t spun an inch since my last post. There’s been some knitting on a comfort shawl and the start of a sleeve for an Icelandic-style pullover for me.

Mulling over a blog post on how electronics can (and can’t) help advance creative pursuits. For example, when trying to blog on an iPad (so now switching back to laptop). App suggestions welcome, and a better post next time!





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