When a treasure box is waiting on your doorstep

Text this afternoon from me: Is there a box on the doorstep?

Daughter: Ya. it’s huuuuuuuuuuuge.img_4351

I had checked the package tracking earlier today and was eager to get home to my first Harvestbox. I dug through the thick packaging and past the dry ice (pro tip: they are not kidding when they tell you not to touch that stuff, so watch where you grab the bag).

The package comes with a friendly greeting, plus info on defrosting, the farm where my poultry was raised out under the sky, and directions for returning the packaging if I want.img_4353

I had been wanting some boneless cuts of pastured chicken for a long time, partly because of family preference and partly because they are easy to use in our favorite recipes. At my farmers’ market, there was delicious chicken of the whole, half, or quarter variety, but no boneless cuts. I had been unable to find pastured boneless cuts at the stores I usually use. This bundle is a mix of boneless and bone-in cuts.

Almost all of these went straight into the chest freezer in the basement, but I’m looking forward to cooking some tomorrow. I love how they are bagged by type of cut, and Harvestbox sends a note with a magnet so you can keep track of how much you’ve used. They also sell grass-fed beef and free-range pork although I plan to keep buying those from the farmers’ market. There was room in the box for one bonus pack, so I did buy some grass-fed bacon because more bacon = always better.

This is not a sponsored post; in fact, Harvestbox knows nothing about it (surprise! you hoo, over here;)

I’ll be using this chicken in my meal planning with Plan to Eat, the very useful recipe-storing, list-making, and meal planning website. If you’d like to try Plan to Eat, please use my referral code for a free trial; if you decide to sign up for a paid plan after the trial, I will get a small commission.


2 thoughts on “When a treasure box is waiting on your doorstep

  1. Thank you for first of all ordering from us and second for sharing your experience here. So glad you found us and ordered the meats! We appreciate the enthusiasm that you shared and your “unboxing” photos. I hope the chicken and bacon exceed your expectations! Feel free to use the free return FedEx shipping label to return the “huuuuuuuuuuuge” box or keep it in your trunk for keeping summer time groceries cold until you get them home. Welcome to the HarvestBox table.

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