Back to basics in the kitchen

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.39.15 PMFall is my favorite season, and I have been keen for something resembling order in the kitchen. No, not in the cabinets. I needed to simplify meals so that the planning and cooking would accommodate the busy lives of two teens, large afternoon snacks that pushed supper later, a family mostly wanting quick and familiar meals, and a parent trying to get away from constantly rushing to get food on the table (yep, that last one’s me).
Thankfully, years ago, one of my excellent friends talked about how she had been meal planning in a pattern: one night each week was pasta, another was maybe a rice or potato dish, etc. So, with thanks to RB, we’ve started our new basic meal plan:
  • Monday is pasta night; we can vary the sauces or toppings
  • Taco Tuesday. I may also put together freezer taco kits to make future weeks really easy. Cheater chilaquiles will surely appear as an occasional substitute.
  • Wednesday we have breakfast for dinner (pancakes, waffles, eggs, or maybe even cereal if things get really crazy)
  • Thursday leftovers or bagel sandwiches
  • Friday frozen pizza or something made ahead and frozen
  • Crock pot Saturday
  • Sunday I’m leaving open for whatever I feel like cooking and I’ll try to cook ahead some things for the week’s lunches or suppers

I’m also keeping a list of standard food items (cheese, crackers, baked beans, frozen berries, dried fruit, etc.) we can have around for when the plan goes awry or we just don’t feel like it.

 I still enjoying using Plan to Eat to save recipes, get that shopping list made for me, and fill in those weekends! A number of grocery stores in town will shop for you and either deliver it or have it ready for pick-up at a prearranged time, so using that and the shopping list generated by Plan to Eat gives me some unrushed time in the kitchen. It’s got me wondering about online shopping and home delivery for non-perishable items.  Readers, have you used Amazon or other services for this? Please share your advice in the comments.


Getting local produce from the farmers market is as basic as it gets to me, so we will take full advantage of the remaining few weeks of the outdoor farmers market. If your CSA has a market pick-up location or market share option (prepaid shopping cards for your choice of veggies from the stand), you can stock up on veggies and buy local cheese, meat, syrup, or other items while you are there. Next on my list is to use some of this year’s frozen berries in sauces and recipes and, girl, dye some yarn – there’s too many non-edible plant things in the freezer!

2 thoughts on “Back to basics in the kitchen

  1. Honestly for pantry goods, I use Walmart. They do now offer a decent number of things in organic which I feel karma wise helps balance out things.
    That combine with Ibotta, and once a month pantry shopping (that’s ALL I get that trip) and some Augason farms (dry goods in number 10 cans), lets me use the csa, garden and market for local/organic produce- we buy our meat by the whole live animal (and do our own butchering).

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