January Pantry Challenge

January is when I give myself the challenge of cooking as much as possible out of the freezers and pantry. It feels cheaper to eat food that’s already paid for and gets the stuff out of the back of the cupboards and deep in the freezer, so I cook with it instead of waste it. Thankfully most items last a long time in the chest freezer and several months in the freezer atop the fridge, provided the food is well-wrapped.

I like to use the allrecipes ingredient search when I’m not sure what recipe I had in mind when originally buying an ingredient (oops). One of my friends recommends Supercook. Any cookbook that indexes by ingredient or is organized by ingredient type (for example, berries, roots, greens, etc.) is very useful for this challenge. Do you have any favorite recipe resources for a pantry challenge? Let us know in the comments. If you join me, even if you do a more gradual challenge, you can still have an empty freezer and pantry before spring! Make room for fresh jam in the cupboards and a new season of farmers’ market bounty in the freezer.

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