Why Yarnstead? Because it’s all happening around my urban homestead: making stuff, growing stuff, and playing with yarn. These creative pursuits have a lot of ups and downs but bring me lots of happiness. When I began to see them as different ways of being creative, I felt that a blog would be a great way to explore that connection and get in some writing regularly. I’ve been blogging here since October 2011.

Yarnstead will give you not only the tales of my various creative efforts, but also food for thought. I love local food, so I grow some and get some from my local farmer’s market. I try to squeeze cooking, bread making, and fiber arts into a busy life. I love the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day technique. Most of my fiber art time is spent knitting, but I also spin and crochet, neither very expertly, and dabble in other fiber arts from time to time.

That’s me in the photo at the Musk Ox Farm near Palmer, Alaska in summer 2015,finally able to admire those furry beasts in person and marvel at their amazing fiber! I’ve been a Midwestern girl all my life and love the seasons and the outdoors. Years of membership in a community-supported agriculture farm got me cooking with the seasons and back into gardening. My newest endeavor is to grow natural dye plants in my garden so I will be able to cook up some color for my yarn.

May all your days be colorful and creative,


P.S. I hope you’ll follow Yarnstead on Twitter, Instagram, and Ravelry. Questions? Email yarnstead@gmail.com.

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